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§ Conditions and Validity

  1. The following contractual conditions (clauses) are valid for all contracts which deal with the rent and reservation of the hotel rooms or the holiday apartments for a short period of time; as well as for all the services provided by the company “Jael Meyer” (city-stop-berlin.de).

  2. Renting the reserved room to a third person, or using the booked room for any other reason than to stay (public or publicity meetings, meetings with commercial purposes of buying and selling or similar), as well as using other areas of the hotel, out of the room, for the previously named reasons is only admitted with an official written request to and eventual acceptance of the company “Jael Meyer” (city-stop-berlin.de). The permission may be given with the request of an extra financial support.

    You agree that you will only make legitimate reservations in good faith for use by you and your invited guests only, and not for other purposes, including reselling, impermissibly assigning or posting on third party websites, or making speculative, false or fraudulent reservations, or any reservation in anticipation of demand. x

  3. Par. 540 Abs.1 S.2 BGB is not valid in the case of stays for business purposes . The terms of contract by the customer are applicable only after a written acceptance by the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de).

  4. You expressly understand and agree that we shall not be liable for any loss or damage (direct, indirect, punitive, actual, consequential, incidental, special, exempt, or otherwise) resulting from access to or any use of, or inability to use or access, or reliance on, or functioning of, this site, or resulting from any errors or omissions in the cpntent of this site, regardless of the basis upon whcih liability is claimed, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damage.  

  5. The information and content on this site may contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors, including inaccuracies related to pricing or availability applicable to your  transaction. Choice shall not assume responsibility or liability for any such inaccuracies, errors  or omissions, and shall have no obligation to honor reservations or information affected by  such inaccuracies. Choice reserves the right to make changes, corrections, cancellations  and/or improvements to our content and information, and to the products and programs described in such content and information, at any time, including after confirmation of a transaction.

§2 Statue of Limitations

  1. The contract occurs after the customer's request  and following acceptance by the company " Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) . The company " Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) can accept a request in writing by letter, electronically ( fax, e -mail ) , or verbal contract.

  1. At the point in which the customer completes the services  (use of room), the contract is then ended. (***add no show amendment)

  1. In the case of a first party forming a contract with the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de) on behalf of another (third party),  the first party is liable for any and all actions or occurances of the third party and will have to be accountable in all respects to the company " Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) unless the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de) receives from the first or third party a clear indication by either letter, electronically (e-mail, fax , etc..) or by a verbal agreement stating otherwise.

  1. Should an incident occur and the customer wishes to take legal action against the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de), the customer would have 12 months (1 year) to proceed with any such process. Should the customer decide after 12 months (1 year) to attempt legal action this would no longer be applicable -  as written in  §199 Abs. 1 BGB.

  1. In the event of damage to, within or with relevance to the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berling.de) there is a time limit of 5 years within the span of knowledge of the specified event in order to make a claim.

  1. All of the above clauses will not be applicable should the customer (while within our service contract) fall severely ill, mortally wounded or decease in the eyes of the governent.

  1. You may not retransmit, reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or otherwise exploit the content on this site for commercial use unless we provide you with prior written permission to do so. We may refuse service, terminate access, and/or cancel transactions at our discretion.

  1. You agree that you will not use any device, software, or other instrumentality to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of our site, and that you will not take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure. In addition, you agree that you will not use any robot, spider, other automatic device, or manual process to monitor or copy our web pages or the content contained herein, without the prior express consent from us (such consent is deemed given for standard search-engine technology employed by Internet search sites to direct Internet users to this site).

§ Service, Prices, Payment, Advanced Payment and Accounting

  1. The company “Jael Meyer” (city-stop-berlin.de) has the responsability to prepare the room booked by the customer and to carry out the services offered.

  2. The customer must fulfill the payment of the agreed cost of the room and any other costs for additional services which is benefited whether bought, or rented . This is also applicable for the services and expenses that the customer has accumulated by a third party.

  1. The prices are inclusive of the respective taxes. In case the customer were to spend more than four months between the closing of the contract and the date of completion of the service and, if in this time period, the regulations of the city taxes were to be changed , then the price could suffer proportionally to that of the tax.

  2. The price the company “Jael Meyer” (city-stop-berlin.de) had advertised or agreed upon with the customer, may fluxuate if the customer wants to change after the end of the contract the number of rooms , the type or number of services, or duration of the stay.

  3. The agreed price is to be paid immediately to pay a compensation of the regular tax receipt.

  4. In case of loss or damage to the keys, the customer must pay 30€.

  5. There is no smoking of any kind, anywhere, in the City-Stop- Guesthouse. Should we discover any viloation of this law (traces/evidence of smoke) there is a fine of € 150,-.

  6. The company " Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) has the right to demand, at the time of or following termination of the contract, payment of a deposit or other security for payment . The amount and terms of the above are part of the written contract . For all clients require pre-payment .

  7. In the event that there was a payment from the customer to the company " Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) , this can be later recalculated or reconsidered only after the approval of the company " Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) ' .

The company "Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) is also entitled , by European law , to require payment of debts that are still not collected with an additional rate of 8% interest rate base for companies or equal to 5 % for private clients . In addition, the company "Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) has the right to make changes and possibly raise the amount of the above standard costs in the event that the overall aspect of the damage is greater .

§ Withdrawal (cancellation) , No Show (failure to use the services offered by the company " Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) )

  1. Unless the customer has not previously CANCELED  FOR a distinct and definite reservation , the price agreed to be paid WILL BE PAID , even if the customer has not used the service. The company " Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) considers  the cost of this type in the following way :

For bookings of one night:
  • always 100% of the total booking.

For bookings of two or more nights:
  • 80% of the total in the event of cancellation , from the time of booking up to a day before the expected arrival;

  • 100 % of the reservation in case of no show or cancellation on the day of booking .

This requirement is no longer valid in case of non compliance on the part of company " Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) against the law and the rights and interests of the client , or when there is state maintenance of the obligations of the contract , or if the customer has the right to cancellation for reasons legal or contractual.

In the event that the customer had already paid part of or, the total cost of, the booking, and this has to be canceled due to technical or legislative arising from company " Jael Meyer " ( city-stop-berlin.de ) , the sum will be returned.

  1. No compensation higher than the cost of booking will be refunded when the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de) cancels the customers booking. In cases where the customer had to deal with expenses exceeding the amount compensated, the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de) will not be responsible to pay the difference.

§ Resignation / Termination of the guest house

The company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de), in case of force majeure (fire, storm, strike, etc.) or other environmental happenings (e.g. system accounting errors), has the right to cancel the contract with any damages that have occured. It is the risk the guests take when choosing to stay and the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-belin.de) does not have to compensate any damages in this circumstance.

The company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de)  is also entitled to rescind the contract if the guest is unable to provide the funds for the room prior to arrival.

A claim of the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de)for compensation of damage suffered and expenses incurred by the guest shall remain inactive in the event of a justified withdrawal.

§8 Recognition of House Rules

The house rules are in writing, given upon arrival, and must be followed.

§9 Liability, items brought in, access

The guest is obliged to notify the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-belin.de) immediately of visible defects, if any, in the room assigned.

The guest house is not liable for lost, stolen or damaged items. Faults or defects in the guest house facilities and services will be remedied as soon as possible.
In case of damage or loss of equipment, inventory and key of the guesthouse, which are caused during the use of the agreed premises, the guest is liable, without the need of proof of fault by the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de). This applies equally to employees and assistants. Personal objects storee only on request at the risk and expense of the guest.Access to the guest rooms, even by our staff, is to be admitted at any time.

§10  Performance and payment, applicable law, place of jurisdiction, severability clause

Performance and payment for both parties is in the hands of the respective Gästehauses: the company „Jael Meyer“ (city-stop-berlin.de) . It is applied by German law. Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions for the guest house accommodations be or not be right, this lowers the effectiveness of other regulations and is not affected. Otherwise, the statutory provisions apply.

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